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Implementing evidence and improvement

It is important to understand the organisational context into which improvements will be introduced and the factors likely to help or hinder [their] adoption.


'Improvement Science'
The Health Foundation

Implementing evidence and improvement
Translating and  
 spreading evidence 
into practice  
Theme Lead:  
Justin Waring  

In common with all other CLAHRC themes, the IEI theme is a research theme; we are researching how implementation occurs in the CLAHRC. In doing this, we are helping the CLAHRC to learn how best to close the translation gap, by providing formative learning and recommendations about how the CLAHRC’s different implementation strategies help to co-produce world class applied health research.

Where the IEI theme differs from other CLAHRC themes is that it also has an operational function – but this is very much separate from the research. Our research leads – Justin Waring and Graham Martin lead our programme of research. The CLAHRC’s Knowledge Translation Lead – Emma Rowley – is also part of the IEI theme; however, she plays no role in the research studies, instead taking responsibility for the CLAHRC’s knowledge translation strategy and working with clinical research study teams to develop their implementation and impact work. In essence, there is a brick wall between the research studies and the knowledge translation work of the theme, so not to bias or interfere with the research that is ongoing

Our approach to knowledge translation

Justin Waring
Theme Lead: Justin Waring

Justin Waring has been at the forefront of social science research in the area of service improvement, clinical quality and patient safety for over ten years. Justin’s research centres on the analysis and appraisal of complex service innovations as they are implemented in, and interact with, institutionalised organisational and professional practices, especially those related to managing risk and resilience in healthcare. This has included patient safety improvements, ICT innovations, service redesign, workforce reconfiguration, new organisational form, care transitions and integration and major service re-configuration.

In patient safety, Justin’s research has led to changes in reporting and learning systems, including improvements in hospital-based reporting systems, that have informed the work of the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) and Royal Colleges. In service re-design and improvement, Justin’s research has supported the local translation and adoption of business and management practices into healthcare settings. More recently, Justin has worked with local service leaders, including CCG and NHS executives to appraise and redesign discharge pathways to promote the safety of patient care transitions. Justin also consulted and contributed to the Quality Workstream of Lord Darzi’s Next Stage Review, working with the former Chief Medical Officer and with service leaders from across England.


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