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Exploration of identities and associated mental health symptomology

An exploration of identities and associated mental health symptomology

What we are doing:

In recent years, trans identities have shifted from simply male and female to include a range of gender expressions, many of which fall outside of binary gender expressions. This project will investigate the mental health and lived experience of a gender identity which is neither male nor female, but somewhere between or outside of the gender binary. 

Why we are doing it: 

Evidence suggests that the trans population are highly susceptible to mental health issues. Further to this, early studies have shown that those who identify outside of the binary suffer even greater mental health complications. This study aims to investigate the associated factors to poor mental health symptomology as well as adding to knowledge about this newly emerging societal group.  

What the benefits will be:

Information generated by this project will inform professionals working in the area of transgender health to help them make better informed treatment choices and to better understand the gender diverse population. 

Who we are working with:

  • The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health
  • The Institute of Mental health, The University of Nottingham


Nat Thorne