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East Midlands Research into Ageing Network (EMRAN)

What is EMRAN?

The East Midlands Research into Ageing Network (EMRAN) is based within CLAHRC East Midlands, and is led by Professor John Gladman, our Theme Lead for Caring for Older People and Stroke Survivors.

EMRAN is free and membership is open to anyone. The Network will bring together academics, medical staff, third sector representatives, service commissioners and members of the public who have a mutual interest in influencing research in this area.

Official launch

The EMRAN launch event, which took place at Holywell Park conference centre, Loughborough, on Wednesday 25 February 2015, was attended by over 60 delegates from across the region. Delegates came from a diverse range of backgrounds including academia, health and social care, commissioning, the voluntary sector and members of the public.

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Launch event video

EMRAN objective

to facilitate collaborative applied research in ageing and older people




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Why do we need EMRAN?

EMRAN provides researchers, professionals and members of the public with the opportunity to contribute and share their work with those who have a mutual interest in ageing and older people research.

How does EMRAN do this?

EMRAN hosts events to discuss ageing related themes within research. These are platforms for collaborators to present their ideas. Engaging with members from different backgrounds by informing and promting discussion will help produce the best quality research within the East Midlands. 

Through an online presence, members can read archived material. There is also the EMRAN Discussion Paper series which publishes discussion papers prepared by EMRAN members. Networking with colleagues and specialists will help shape future collaborative research across the East Midlands.

With a richly diverse population of 4.5 million people (the size of a small country), EMRAN represents an exceptional opportunity to bring together high-calibre, like-minded individuals and teams who share a common interest in spearheading research to benefit the 750,000 plus older people living in the region.


Launch event presentations

Professor John Gladman (EMRAN Lead, CLAHRC East Midlands/ EMAHSN)

Professor Rachel Munton (Managing Director EMAHSN)


Holly Neill (Nottingham Community & Voluntary Service)


Dr Simon Conroy (East Midlands CRN)


Dr Neil Chadborn & Dr Gina Sands (CLAHRC East Midlands) 


Professor Chris Phillipson (MICRA)


Karen Glover (CLAHRC East Midlands/ EMAHSN)



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