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East Midlands Clinical-Academic Practitioner Network

In November 2017 NIHR CLAHRC East Midlands, in collaboration with the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery Care Excellence at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, launched the East Midlands Clinical Academic Practitioner Network (EMCAPN) for staff working in a clinical-academic career. This is the first network of its kind, which is practitioner led and developed from the outset.

It provides an opportunity to meet others who are combining research (or studying at MRes/PhD) whilst engaging in concurrent clinical practice. It aims to bring together non-medical clinical-academics to share experiences, understand the benefits and pitfalls and look at innovative ways to influence the National Strategic Agenda of this emerging career pathway.

Highlights of EMCAPN in the first year

  • Over 250 clinical academics have joined the network and membership continues to grow.
  • Two successful and well attended network meetings have taken place. A third meeting is scheduled on 5th December 2018.
  • A survey has been conducted looking at the experiences of clinical academics in the East Midlands who have participated in one of the formal NIHR/HEE training programmes.
  • An audit of members has been undertaken to develop the network.
  • A ‘Who’s Who’ membership list has been created. Download it here.


To join the network, email

EMCAPN members are invited to biannual meetings, and receive e-mails about events/seminars, funding opportunities, and other items of interest. The following information about members is held on a secure database: name, e-mail address, organisation, job title/position in organisation.


Follow the network on Twitter at @emcapn2017.