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The Centre for BME Health

The Centre for BME Health is being developed by National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) East Midlands to help:

  • reduce health inequalities
  • facilitate the dissemination of health information
  • put known evidence into practice
  • improve proportional and diverse representation within research activities as participants and partners.

The East Midlands region has an abundance of expertise, experience and knowledge amongst its communities, academic, health and social care organisations of ethnicity in research, health and social care.

The EMCBMEH will bring together and co-ordinate this capability, awareness and capacity; to develop a centralised resource to support individuals and organisations undertaking research and healthcare delivery in partnership with black and minority communities, to help reduce health inequalities.

Our vision

An organisation that is committed to actively inspiring and developing dynamic, collaborative partnerships between patients, public, community and voluntary sector, researchers, health and social organisations and others, to help address and reduce ethnic health disparities in the East Midlands.

What the Centre will provide

Capacity building programmes aimed at supporting and enhancing researchers’ skills, knowledge and confidence to produce high quality health service research based on the active participation of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.

  • Workshop and seminar programmes including – Cultural competency in research, commissioning and health inequalities
  • PPI Panel to review and support funding applications

Develop and provide a centralised and co-ordinated repository of resources for organisations and individuals to share and disseminate quality health information in BME communities.

  • Website with resources and links including health information and How2Guides
  • Links to community facilitators, translators and support organisations

Actively influence a culture of practice in which BME involvement informs and supports research, service planning, commissioning and delivery of health and adult social care services and healthcare; and where achievements are shared and celebrated.

  • Celebration events showcasing local initiatives
  • Research and commissioning tailored to community needs

Undertake community engagement strategies that foster the trust and buy in of BME communities to raise the profile of research and opportunities to participate in research, health and social care joint working and to resource their capacity to act on this commitment.

  • Run health information events and workshops to share knowledge
  • Training and support for individuals wishing to be partners in research

The centre will be an effective and sustainable foundation promoting real public involvement across BME groups to reduce health inequalities in the East Midlands.


Follow the centre on Twitter at @BMEhealthEM.


For more information about the centre, visit the website.


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